"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New beginnings

You know, I'm really enjoying life right now. I have some amazing people in my life and things are just good. Little Dawson will be here any day now. I'm amazed by how much I love him already. It's funny how such a little person can hold one of he biggest places in your heart.
Spraggy leaves for UAB in two weeks. I can't believe the summer has been so short! I'm not ready for him to go by any means. All I can think about is how time is ticking and soon enough we'll be going to Birmingham and coming back without him. Nothing will be the same. No more late night ice cream runs, no more pore cleaning sessions. Skype will inevitably become my life line. It's so depressing.I wanna cry just thinking about it. Life goes on.
So this blog is about "New Beginnings." New lives, new adventures.
I can't talk about everything I mean by 'New beginnings' just yet. I tend to jinx things. I'm happy. that's what's important right?


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life as we know it

I know everyone is just dying to know how my  life is going, right? Well, I actually think it's moving along rather nicely. I've come to terms with being tossed into the friend zone. I'm more okay with it than I thought that I would be. I now have an incredible best friend whom I wouldn't for the world. I've finally stopped having panic attacks about college and, you know, I'm happy. Well, as happy as an 18 year old girl can be.I never thought I'd get back to this point. The point where I'm content and just comfortable with the way life is flowing. I'll admit my life is an emotional roller coaster, but hey, it's to be expected when someone grows up in a house like mine.
Oh! I cannot forget to mention how close Tiffany is to having Dawson. She is now 39 weeks, and oh so ready for him to come on out. We all are. I'm just so excited to hold him and love him. I'm sure that he is going to be perfect!
Speaking of babies, Mom and I have decided its well past time to try to breed Gizzy. I'm so excited for this also. I've been wanting Gizzy to have puppies for a few years. I'm hoping for a small litter and black and white puppies. If and when they are ready we will give them away to good homes. Oh, boy! This is going to be such an exciting journey. When Gracie had her kittens I loved naming them, loving them, and protecting them. It was an amazing experience.
Ah, it feels good to get back into blogging. I kind of want to look into figuring out tumblr. We'll see how it goes!


Monday, July 25, 2011

Just a little rambling.

When I was a little girl, my sister and I would play outside and make mud pies, play silly games, and just be careless together. Back then, it was okay. Now that we're "all grown up" that's no longer the case. As bad as I want to be grown up and do things on my own, I can't deny there is a part of me that wishes that I had never grown up. I mean think about it. Who wants to get up everyday and go to work to pay bills?! NO ONE. Entering the adult life is a journey that isn't for the faint of hearts. Lets be real here, I'd much rather play in the dirt than go to college. Learning to ride a bike is a piece of cake compared to learning how to finance. Those are the facts. There are many moments that I would kill to go back and relive, or just do over completely, avoid even. But, I'm excited- for lack of a better word-  for the life ahead of me. I'm excited to show this world what I'm made of. Even if it means having to grow up well before I am ready. That's okay.